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we invite you to an author's master class of Alyona Socheslo on ""To BIOPERMANENT MAKE-UP of eyebrows Bio Henna"
Enters the program: production presentation, a master class, coffee break and working off on models.


  • what is henna, types of henna, the concept "biopermanent make-up" of eyebrows;
  • differences of henna from chemical eyebrow color;
  • advantages of Bio Henna henna, profitability of the procedure;
  • composition of henna, storage conditions, specifics of a brewing of henna;
  • who suits henna how to pick up color scale;
  • contraindications and precautionary measures when holding a procedure;
  • the review of materials for coloring of eyebrows;
  • technology of coloring by Bio Henna;
  • leaving after the procedure.

Display of the procedure of a biopermanent make-up of eyebrows Bio Henna on motel.

Coffee break

2) part: WORKING OFF.

  • Marking of eyebrows by means of white paste (White Brow Paste).
  • we put all gained knowledge into practice.
  • Upon termination of a seminar you receive the certificate from Brow Room school!

The number of places is limited, preliminary registration is necessary.

Upon termination of a course is given the certificate with the press of Brow Room school. During training all expendables and models are provided. Occupations are most approximate to individual, in group from 4 to 6 people. At purchase of goods this day a discount of 10%, You can buy all necessary materials on

  • Price: 15.000 tenge.
  • Group training (up to 6 people).
  • Advance payment of 5.000 tenges, it is necessary to bring within two days after record on a course.


To sign up for a course by phone +7 (705) 259 60 50 | WhatsApp, Viber.