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Author's rate of Alyona Socheslo "Basic Brow Room".
The rate consists of four blocks.

Course program:

1) Theoretical block

  • What is an eyebrow, its components and creation on the main points;
  • Fashionable eyebrows today. How to find golden mean in eyebrows;
  • Types of the correct and wrong eyebrows, their arrangement of rather horizontal axis;
  • Concept of width, length and height of eyebrows;
  • The simplified methods of determination of face types;
  • The beginning of eyebrows happens different, we learn to apply correctly, considering all features of the person and eyebrows;
  • Golden ratio of the person concerning eyebrows;
  • Methods of creation of eyebrows and the facilitated creation by means of thread;
  • Asymmetry of eyebrows. What is and as it is possible to correct it;
  • We create eyebrows, considering visible shortcomings;
  • Recommendations on care of eyebrows of clients. How to grow an eyebrow;
  • Disinfection and sterilization of working objects;

2) Practical block

  • Correction of eyebrows thread and nuances in work ( threading );
  • Tsvetotip. How to determine цветотип, considering specific features;
  • Technology of mixing of dye and proportion;
  • Technology of putting dye, types of paints and shades;
  • Demonstrative work on modeling of a form and coloring as professional paint (an algorithm of holding a procedure) - MODEL No. 1
  • Final work of the pupil on work with paint, practicing threading - MODEL No. 2

3) Theoretical block

  • Acquaintance to henna for Bio Henna eyebrows;
  • Coloring of flowers;
  • Tools for coloring of eyebrows henna;
  • Correctness henna zavarivaniye, necessary consistence of a product;
  • Extension of color or effect to an ombra;
  • Demonstrative work on correction and coloring of eyebrows as professional henna with Brough's use of paste - MODEL No. 3;
  • Difference before other dyes;
  • Mistakes in work with henna, in what the reason of uneven coloring;

4) Practical block

  • Working off of knowledge on motel - MODEL No. 4
  • Allergic reaction and agreement of the client to holding a procedure;
  • Correct approach to the client;
  • Promotion of social networks;
  • Examination in a biopermanent make-up - MODEL No. 5

Upon termination of a rate it is issued the certificate with a seal of Brow Room school. During training all consumable materials and models are provided. Occupations are most approximate to individual, in group from 2 to 5 people. In case of purchase of goods this day a discount of 10%, You can purchase all required materials on

  • Price: 50.000 tenge.
  • Group training (up to 5 people)
  • Advance payment of 15.000 tenges, it is necessary to bring within two days after record on a rate.



To sign up for a course by phone +7 (705) 259 60 50 | WhatsApp, Viber.

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